Unfolded Masterpiece

Metal Origami // Wall Art Pieces // Ilan Garibi for Talents Design 



Ilan Garibi folds stainless steel metal by hand, creating an Origami effect, that reflects light between each fold. It is considered the first metal tessellation in the world. The new collection, launched in September 2012, consists of both wall and floor pieces that can serve as installations in private homes or contemporary offices, adding beauty and an artful flair.

Metal Origami Full Collection.




Metal Origami Collection // Wall Piece Installations

Designer:    Ilan Garibi for Talents Design House

Sizes:         The pieces are made to order

Wall Piece Large Size: W160/L160/H20 cm
Wall Piece Medium Size: W115/L115/H15 cm

Materials:    Stainless Steel

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