Talents Design Collection

Talents Design is a pioneering Design Gallery & Private Collection that commissions and produces handcrafted luxury items created exclusively for the Talents Collection by leading Israeli designers and Artists.

Talents Design consists of a Design-Art Gallery and a Design Studio led by Owner & Art Director Gal Gaon;

Since its early beginning the gallery has been recognized for producing iconic pieces that embody passion and bold creativity.

Innovation and forward-thinking design are the soul of our business. We seek to bring joy and creative energy into every space.

Our work can be found in private residences, beautiful offices, boutique hotels and leading galleries across the globe.  We are committed to nurturing individual talent – continually developing, producing, and introducing the ‘next best thing’ to the market.

The Gallery & Private Collection

Talents Private Collection & Gallery is based in its new space in the most beautiful street in Tel Aviv.

We offer furniture, lighting, accessories and art pieces all made specially for the gallery in small and Limited Editions.

Our collection is built around thematic ideas, that celebrates exquisite craftsmanship and quality materials. Each piece is carefully chosen to make a visual impact and statement.


Our Clients 

We sell to private clients, collectors, architects & interior designers  & Galleries around the world and we work with our clients to create customized finishings tailored to their individual tastes.

The Design Studio

The Talents Design Studio welcomes commissions from private clients and companies interested in developing customized luxury pieces with international and Israeli designers. This can include the creation of a specific piece or a full collection.

We also take on interior design projects using pieces from the Talents collection.

We work in partnership with you, overseeing the creative process from design to prototyping to production, ensuring seamless execution.

Gal Gaon, Owner & Art Director

Owner and Art Director, Gal Gaon, offers design consulting services for international companies and brands. This includes art direction and trend research for collection development, magazines and photo shoots.

Gal also provides consulting and mentorship to designers already in the field or those looking to enter the international market.

Gal Gaon (B.ARCH+MBA) is the Owner & Art Director of Talents Design House and a Professor for Architecture and Design at the Israeli Academy.



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